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Creative, Intuitive, Magical Mar 9, 2022 – Mar 27, 2022

When Mercury enters the fantastical sign of Pisces, our dreams become more vivid, our thoughts are looser, and our instincts are especially strong. Mercury is the mental planet that rules our thoughts and communication style. While this focus on data and details doesn't naturally align with Pisces widespread, all-inclusive style, there are so many ways to enrich our lives during this transit!

Pisces thrives in a world of magic, fantasy, and idealism. While Mercury is here, our minds are more open and we can find solutions in places we’ve never even considered before. Mercury in Pisces shines a light on the furthest reaches of our minds to illuminate fresh ideas, creative inspirations, and different ways of thinking.

When Mercury is in Pisces

Our minds are never open as wide as they are during Mercury in Pisces! Pisces thrives in the most vast spaces you can imagine. Think about the unbelievable depths of the ocean or the infinite reaches of space -- these are Pisces’ realms. So while Mercury moves through this sign, our minds are expanded to this same level of vastness. We can see things we couldn’t see before, and understand things we couldn’t understand before.

It’s no surprise that some thoughts we have during this transit are beyond words. Our ability to communicate becomes fuzzy here, and some of the things that are happening in our minds are just too big to find words for. This is where our intuition comes in. Pisces is the most intuitive sign of the zodiac, and reminds us to pay close attention to the "feelings" we have in our minds. We know things in ways we can’t explain, because our subconscious is being triggered more than usual while Mercury is in Pisces.

Of course, there are also some cons to Mercury in Pisces. Miscommunication is possible, and we may have trouble staying on track. We might forget critical details, show up late for meetings, or say things that don’t quite make sense. This is because we’re speaking from the heart and gut, not our brains. Finding the words to match our feelings can make for some seriously stop-and-start conversations.

But overall, Mercury’s time in Pisces can bring amazing new opportunities our way. There are no limits during this transit. We’re open to all possibilities, so we can easily embrace the things that are suddenly inspiring us. The level of promise and potential is high here, because we’re not focusing on the things we can’t do, but the things we can do.

Mercury in Pisces Traits:











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