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February Full Moon in Leo: A Lovers Tale

The February Full Moon in Leo Sets Up a New Stage

Nobody likes a stage, or place to strut its stuff more than Leo. When the Moon is full in the creative and attention seeking sign, new needs to be seen and heard come into play. Creative expression needs an outlet and this February Full Moon, coming to its peak on February 16, creates an opportunity for us to do just that. Knowing that Leo likes an audience and a voice is important to connecting to the purpose of this moment.

Let’s be honest …..

Some of us may feel put on the spot when we find ourselves needing to “put ourselves out there”. While others will enjoy an opportunity to come out from behind the scenes. The February Full Moon delivers some sort of spotlight moment. An unexpected chance to be seen and heard surfaces—but it may take some courage to say or do what needs to be done.

But let’s set the record straight. With Leo dominating the scene, expect to encounter some kind of drama and see things happen in big ways. Leo likes to make a statement.

Aquarius and Group Action

The other major player in this Full Moon Story is Aquarius – the sign the Sun is is. Aquarius is Leo’s polar opposite and sign that prefers to take group action vs. serving individual needs. Aquarius is the lone wolf, whereas Leo says the more the merrier. As these two very different energies oppose each other, we’re going to be driven to find balance within their existence. Toying in between appeasing our egos and individuality (Leo) and doing what’s the group demands (Aquarius) will come calling.

A Lovers Tale: Venus and Mars

All too often we have to conform to others ideas in order to fit in to the mold of the group. Pressures coming from all angles sometimes push us to make decisions we wouldn’t if we were operating alone. Something may dare us to step outside of what others want us to do. Courage is up for the taking to do something BOLD.

But a twist of romance, passion and unexplainable inertia surround all that’s happening in this story. It’s going to be coming out of an exact Venus + Leo conjunction, which heats up connectivity. The two lovers of the zodiac will be operating in cool Capricorn, heightening desire to make an important purpose or goal REAL. Venus and Mars like a party, particularly with people. But in business oriented Capricorn, they are going to want to play for a REASON.

Maybe you need the help of others to bring something to life? Consider the social part of this combination — because it involves others.

It’s important to take note of what’s happening to you at this Full Moon. What Venus and Mars do here will only continue to heat up your astrology as we head into March!

Crystal B Astrology

Moon Art by Jen’s Fine Art

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