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February New Moon in Pisces: Dreams + Magic + Slice of Reality

February’s New Moon Asks Us to Dream, Believe in the Impossible & Keep a Practical Frame of Mind

When I look at the raw planetary picture of the February 19-20 New Moon I see lots of possibilities. The dreamy, visionary sign of Pisces dominates the scene and delivers a rush of feeling, creativity, romance, intuition and escapism. With both the Sun & Moon swimming through the most spiritual of signs, our hearts will be open and imaginations ready to expand into entirely new realms. This is an opportune time to think about your BIG picture. It’s time to vision for your next. Ask and you shall receive!

That being said, we need to also be mindful of dear Saturn’s close proximity to both the Sun & Moon. Pisces says dreams can come true, while Saturn says not without some hard work! I’m sensing that while this New Moon has a strong Pisces feel to it, it’s also a prelude to Saturn’s entrance into Pisces.

Keep an open mind into what kinds of new responsibilities may be beginning here. This is just the very early stages of some very important new developments that will likely be in play over the next several years! For the here and the now, the things beginning under this New Moon will come to a cross roads under the Pisces Super Blue Full Moon taking place on August 30.

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