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Full Moon in Cancer Feeling at home January 06, 2023


Healing the inner child

Letting go of emotional pain


Letting go of control

Avoiding drama

Releasing control

2023 kicks off with a soulful Full Moon in intuitive Cancer. This lunation arrives just in time, lending us all the opportunity to release and let go of anything we wish to leave behind as we embark upon a new annual journey.

Pertinent to this Full Moon is learning to strive for greater balance between work and play, between outer security and inner security. Our inner parent – Capricorn – needs to step up and take responsibility for our inner child – Cancer. This might look like, for example, setting better boundaries when it comes to managing our professional duties and the downtime that we so deeply need. This is so that we can feel nurtured and held in safety over the ups and downs that any New Year inevitably brings.

It's interesting to see this culminating energy so early in the year, and it may be important to cast our minds back to the New Moon in Cancer during June 2022. Upon reflection, we might see clearly what’s coming into full circle now from that time. In what way did we set out to care for our inner child back then? Have we honored our need for emotional safety? What risks did we take? Did they pay off? Was there an intention set at the time to heal past trauma, and if so, how far have we come? What do we need to further let go during this Full Moon that will assist us in our return to wholeness?

These are just a few questions to ponder, and it may help to bounce our thoughts and ideas off someone from our past whom we trust – a family member, soul friend or therapist. Intuitive practices such as Tarot, for example, may also help to further illuminate what needs to be released. Spending time doing simple, wholesome activities, such as cooking, baking or crafting are all forms of meditation and healing, too.

Angled to this Full Moon is a conjunction to Mercury, a wide conjunction to Pluto and a wide trine to Neptune. Mercury brings a message to us from deep within our subconscious – perhaps something that we already know, and have always known. Leaning into our intuition can only support us, as well as speaking our truth. Pluto invites us to further purge that which we cannot take into 2023. It’s time to put the baggage down. Neptune brings along an energy of healing, forgiveness and understanding, as well as powerful, transformative empathy, both for ourselves and for others.

Seeing as Mars is still retrograde, it’s also essential that we take action in a way that’s reflective and honors any potential fatigue form the year gone by. We need to move in a way that’s flowing and easeful on our nervous systems rather than push too hard. There’s a constructive trine between Mars and Venus, igniting curiosity for our experience, rather than judgment. With La Luna being comfortable in her home sign of Cancer, emotions have the power to flow and heal us when we sit mindfully with what arises.


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