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Full Moon in Capricorn ~ July 13, 2022



Committed Relationships


Overcoming trust issues

Releasing control

The Full Moon in Capricorn on 13 July at 2.38pm EDT is taking no prisoners. La Luna is challenged in the sign opposite to her home in Cancer, and joined by powerful Pluto. Thus, our gentle Moon may struggle to open up and reveal her vulnerable emotions during this time, even if the most violent of storms is happening within. Culminations of a cycle begun at the New Moon in Capricorn on January 2nd are being revealed now, for better or for worse.

With this Full Moon, we may have powerful undercurrents of intense emotions right beneath the surface, ready to implode inside of us. Allowing others to see our pain, sensitivity and hurt may prove to be a challenge, as we could be afraid to reveal all of our cards. Perhaps here’s been a past hurt or trauma that has affected us and had us close down, put up walls to become ‘cold’. This Full Moon offers us all the opportunity to move past that and begin the slow, evolutionary process of release.

It'll be important to find more cathartic ways of releasing pain and baggage – we might want to scream into a pillow, do a boxing class, shake our bodies, go for an energy healing session or schedule an appointment with our therapist. Powerful breakthroughs are absolutely possible, when we commit to doing the deeper emotional work within ourselves.

The ruler of this Full Moon, Saturn, is positioned in his home sign of Aquarius, indicating that resolutions reached now will last. He’s configured in a strong trine aspect with Venus, which means that if we open up to committed love, both with ourselves and with others, we have a greater chance of creating more meaningful relationships and stronger values. It’ll take dedication, persistence and commitment, as well as being brave enough to lay our cards on the table with the people that we trust.

Speaking of trust, that is the operative word for this Full Moon. It won’t be easy to open up and freefall into the future, and it’ll be even less easy to let go of control. We may want to hold on to every bit of security that we have, only to realize that control is but an illusion, and that the structures we create around ourselves may be the very things limiting us. So, whatever may fall away during this time - whatever is removed, destroyed, purged or otherwise let go of will only bring transformation and our soul’s empowered evolution. That’s the gift of Pluto and the promise of Saturn. We just have to be willing to walk down into the underworld to be able to affect this change, be willing to let go of what we may have thought safe and welcome in the new beginning that a Full Moon always hints of.

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