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December’s Full Moon at 27 degrees of Gemini on December 18th is an apt precursor to the Summer/Winter Solstice on the 21st, depending on which hemisphere you find yourself in. Solstices are known for being sacred times for release and new beginnings. Over this Full Moon, we need to let go and break through any illusions we hold and embrace the truth, whatever that may be for us. It won’t be an easy task, and on our Hero’s journey, we may encounter more than a few twists and turns. Nevertheless, our soul calls to us to stay the course all the way to its culmination.

See, Gemini and Sagittarius rule the concepts of knowledge, awareness, consciousness and truth. Truth can arise out of investigating the fact of the matter – that’s Gemini’s forte – but truth is also a resonant feeling, something that can’t be explained by facts alone. And it’s only when we take the time to combine both fact and feeling that we get closer to the core.

Thus, our beliefs about any particular subject close to our hearts may be tested at this Full Moon. We have to do some serious soul-searching and drop into a space of deeper knowing before we make any important decisions. We may be pulled in two different directions, with our head telling us one thing, whilst our hearts are screaming another, altogether different message. The Moon in Gemini is our rational faculty, and the Sun in Sagittarius right across from the Moon, reminds us to apply the wisdom of the spirit. No wonder we feel so caught.

And so, balance is key at this Full Moon, because if we’re not balanced, we can flip flop between extremes and feel tense, torn and uncertain. Gemini and Sagittarius can work beautifully together when they’re not arguing about who’s right and who’s wrong. That is the ego’s domain, and important to leave behind if we want to make progress.

With Neptune square to the Full Moon, there’s also certainly some type of illusion and deception going on. We don’t have all the facts, no matter how clever and clued up we think we are, no matter how much wisdom we possess. Something is obscured and hidden from our view, and the following days to come may reveal all.

What we have working for us is that the ruler of this Full Moon – the messenger planet, Mercury – is connected to brilliant and innovative Uranus via a powerful trine aspect. Uranus is the higher octave and expression of Mercury. He is the genius, the archetypal inventor and mad scientist with a gift for innovative solutions. This brings a sudden breakthrough to our collective awareness. We may have a moment where we are struck as if by lightning, illuminating our minds, hearts and souls.

We need to hold onto this gift of seeing, and ensure that we make a note of the insights and truths that come our way. Unusual solutions to stale and stuck problems are right around the corner, if we are only open to doing things differently and to thinking outside of the box.

Jupiter, planet of growth, is close to this lunation, just one degree away from a perfect sextile. And although sextiles are said to be weaker than the other astrological aspects, they have something to lend us – some gift, some resource. We just have to reach out a little to access these cosmic opportunities. Once we do, Jupiter’s energy can give us the bigger picture and show is where the real growth lies. Where we could get lucky.

So, at this Full Moon, get ready for the truth – or at least, a version of it. Let’s not take anything at face value, and instead apply our intuition, our brilliance and our innovation. As they say, the truth will set us free.


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