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Full Moon in Virgo ~ On March 18, 2022


Speaking our truth

Healing body, mind and soul


Overcoming avoidance and escape

Creating flexible boundaries

It’s the final Full Moon before what’s deemed the Astrological New Year, marked by the Equinox on 20 March. Three days prior, at 3.17am, a Virgo Full Moon offers the chance for closure and healing, as well as for emotional release. Whilst Virgo is one of the more structured and organized, rational signs, this particular lunation is one that could be quite sensitive and feeling-orientated.

The reason for this is due to Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, being in the dreamy, imaginative and intuitive sign of Pisces. Mercury is not known to be at his best here, as he struggles to make logical sense of reality and can be subject to flights of fantasy and poor mental boundaries. With that said, Mercury is also deeply gifted in this sign, as long as we remember to sidestep the rational and go with our senses, dipping beneath the veneer of words and listening closely to the soul-song and heart pulse below the surface.

It's also important to note that Mercury is linked closely to Uranus at this Full Moon, which could offer us profound, sudden insights into our situation and support us in letting go of bad habits, unhealthy relationships and to speak our truth. The signs of Virgo and Pisces are known as the healing axis, and thus, this should be our full focus at this Full Moon. Mental, physical and emotional healing is possible, when we learn to find balance.

What this Full Moon may reveal to many of us is where we may be struggling to find that important balance between rest and recuperation versus over-structuring and over-organizing. When we go to either extreme is when the body, mind and soul begin to falter and give up, to lose steam. This is when we might turn to addictive behaviors or try to escape in order to soothe the overanxious mind and overactive body. We cannot continually keep serving others if we are not serving ourselves first, and this Virgo Full Moon might show us where we need to gently release certain obligations.

Of course, with charitable Jupiter so close by to the Full Moon (in opposition), this task set before us not as difficult as we may imagine. Our hero(ine)’s journey is supported by the cosmos, if we simply look for the opportunity and use our intuition to guide the way, balanced with practicality and level-headedness. Virgo is a gifted problem solver, whilst Pisces instinctively knows exactly which way to swim when crisis arises. Neptune opposing this Full Moon also demands that we close our eyes and be guided by Spirit, rather than fall for a fantasy or a trick of smoke-and-mirrors.

For a few of us, a healing crisis may occur, within ourselves and perhaps also within the collective. Venus and Mars are now passing their conjunction but still locked into a powerful and building square with Uranus, which may bring a few more surprises our way. And thus, tapping into our mental and psychic faculties is the key to navigate these changing times. Asking ourselves how we can be of useful and compassionate service – with proper boundaries – may also be crucial at this Full Moon.

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