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Happy Friday, January 28, 2022

The moon in Sagittarius connects with taskmaster Saturn in Aquarius, encouraging us to be conscious of our limitations. The moon squares off with Neptune in Pisces, which could find us feeling especially sensitive. Communication planet Mercury, currently retrograde, meets Pluto in Capricorn, finding us revisiting intense conversations. Important information may be revealed, or revisited from a new point of view.(by Annabel Gat)

The Sun forms a sextile to Chiron today, and we might find a sense of purpose or a “mission,” increasing our confidence, possibly through our enterprising spirit and connections. The desire to learn and grow through experiences and people in our lives is strong and healthy now.

Retrograde Mercury aligns with Pluto tonight, stirring intense mental activity. Mercury first aligned with Pluto on December 30th and will again on February 11th. We may uncover valuable information or gain a new understanding. Thoughts, ideas, and communications are more intense and focused. We are more able and motivated to find hidden meanings and cut to the chase. We could be bent on revealing truths. Our persuasive powers, strategic thinking, and observational skills increase.

Still, we may also be suspicious, manipulative, obsessed, or have frustrating mental battles if we mishandle this transit. Consider that we might be missing important details and could be too hasty to jump to conclusions. We should also watch for buried resentments and angers driving our thoughts or conversations and the tendency to ignore reason. However, well channeled, this energy can bring increased focus and motivation. Keep in mind that Venus is about to station and turn direct (early tomorrow), and with this shift, there can be some confusion. (by Cafe Astrology)

Moon in Sagittarius Trine Saturn in Aquarius

12:39am PDT/ 1:39am MDT/ 2:39am CDT/ 3:39am EDT

Moon in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces

11:00am PDT/ 12:00pm MDT/ 1:00pm CDT/ 2:00pm EDT

Mercury Rx in Capricorn Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

8:16pm PDT/ 9:16pm MDT/ 10:16pm CDT/ 11:16pm EDT

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