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Happy Friday, June 24, 2022

The moon meets wildcard Uranus in Taurus and a radical new start could begin! It’s an exciting time for experimentation. Surprising news might be shared. There’s an energy of unpredictability, so stay flexible, grounded, and true to yourself. ( by Annabel Gat)

The Moon spends the day in deliberate, steady Taurus. However, as the day advances, the Moon’s alignment with Uranus suggests an itch for change.

As well, we can become wound up relatively easily with Mercury moving into a minor challenging aspect to Pluto. Mental tension is possible now, ideally motivating us to handle problem areas. We can have a slightly suspicious way of looking at how things work. If others are not agreeing or adopting our ideas, we may take this as a personal affront. Instead of getting where we want to go directly, we could take a roundabout route and manipulate others. Some irritability is likely as we sort things out. (by Cafe Astrology)

Moon Conjunct Uranus

3:15pm PDT/ 4:15pm MDT/ 5:15pm CDT/ 6:15pm EDT

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