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Happy Friday, May 5, 2023

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs today in the sign of Scorpio. It’s the sixth eclipse in an eclipse set of seven occurring along the Taurus-Scorpio sign axis (the first appeared in November 2021, and the last will happen in October 2023). We can experience symbolic illumination–something that’s been building inside of us releases now. Our emotions heighten, and we’re likely to awaken to our material and emotional needs and our attachments. We should take some time to process our discoveries since the eclipse tends to magnify our issues. It’s best to watch what we say or put out into the world today since it’s all too easy for things to become exaggerated under this influence.

Venus Sextile Jupiter

12:03am EDT

Moon Opposes Mercury

12:15am PDT/ 1:15am MDT/ 2:15am CDT/ 3:15am EDT

Full Moon (Scorpio Eclipse)

10:35am PDT/ 11:35am MDT/ 12:35pm CDT/ 1:35pm EDT

Moon opposition Uranus

5:12pm PDT/ 6:12pm MDT/ 7:12pm CDT/ 8:12pm EDT

Moon Trine Mars

10:47pm PDT/ 11:47pm EDT

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