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Happy Friday ~ February 17, 2023

While Mercury’s semi-square to Neptune can confuse some matters, its sextile to Jupiter is gracious, stimulating optimism. Our minds open, and we seek a positive focal point. It’s a vital time for mind-expanding activities, exercises, and conversations. We take a more philosophical approach to thinking and are more open to learning. It’s a time of optimism, new insights, and cooperation. We are clearer in our thoughts and exchanges, and we’re looking for solutions to problems or the positive side of situations.

The Moon spends the day in practical Capricorn, helping to keep us grounded.

Moon Sextile Neptune

12:16pm PST/ 1:16pm MST/ 2:16pm CST/ 3:16pm EST

Moon Sextile Venus 5:06pm PST/ 6:06pm MST/ 7:06pm CST/ 8:06pm EST

Mercury Sextile Jupiter 6:13pm PST/ 7:13pm MST/ 8:13pm CST/ 9:13pm EST

Moon Conjunction Pluto 8:18pm PST/ 9:18pm MST/ 10:18pm CST/ 11:18pm EST

Moon Void Begins 8:18pm PST/ 9:18pm MST/ 10:18pm CST/ 11:18pm EST

Moon in Aquarius 9:35pm PST/ 10:35pm MST/ 11:35pm CST/ and early Saturday morning at 12:35am EST

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