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Happy Friday ~ July 1, 2022

The moon in Leo makes a harmonious connection with Jupiter in Aries, inspiring an expansive atmosphere, and finding us feeling especially in touch with our inner voices and eager to explore new possibilities. The moon connects with Venus in Gemini, bringing a fun, flirtatious energy—but intense conversations could take place as Mars in Aries squares off with Pluto in Capricorn. A small disagreement might become a big argument, egos can clash, and control issues may come to the surface. Find healthy, productive ways to express your rage! (By Annabel Gat)

This morning, the Sun and Saturn form a sesquiquadrate, and we can become more aware of, or frustrated by, our limitations. This transit can close us up or narrow our focus. We could feel confined or restricted regarding our plans and self-expression.

Tonight, Mars and Pluto form a square, and we crave a sense of control over events, relationships, or circumstances and become frustrated at any sign that we don’t have it. However, attempts to gain control or power tend to be fruitless. This square can stir intense desires that may not easily be satisfied. There may be arguments, standstills, and power games. It would be wise to observe and learn from whatever powerful feelings arise through confrontations or conflicts. We should try to remain flexible, perhaps devising strategies for achieving our goals rather than attempting to push them through at all costs.(by Cafe Astrology)

Moon Trine Jupiter

8:49am PDT/ 9:49am MDT/ 10:49am CDT/ 11:49am EDT

Moon Sextile Venus

1:59pm PDT/ 2:59pm MDT/ 3:59pm CDT/ 4:59pm EDT

Mars Square Pluto

7:14pm PDT/ 8:14pm MDT/ 9:14pm CDT/ 10:14pm EDT

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