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Happy Friday ~ June 23, 2023

The Sun’s sextile to the North Node of the Moon today encourages us to aspire to our goals, rise to a challenge, and grow and improve. We’re in good shape to strengthen and support one another and, in the process, build trust.

A Mercury-Jupiter semi-square impacts our perceptions and decision-making as we try to make sense of the information before us and attempt to find meaning in it. We tend to inflate the positive of a situation. We may feel a little overwhelmed with information or, on the other side, overlook essential details. There’s a tendency to exaggerate or dramatize as tedious mental tasks are especially difficult to digest.

However, a Mercury-Pluto quintile tonight inclines us to want to pay special attention to a particular project or idea and develop it more fully. We’re pleasantly dedicated or attentive now.

A void Moon continues today until the Moon enters Virgo.

Moon Void Ends 3:35am PDT/ 4:35am MDT/ 5:35am CDT/ 6:35am EDT

Moon in Virgo 3:35am PDT/ 4:35am MDT/ 5:35am CDT/ 6:35am EDT

Sun Sextile Moon 7:24am PDT/ 8:24am MDT/ 9:24am CDT/ 10:24am EDT

Moon Opposition Saturn 6:07pm PDT/ 7:07pm MDT/ 8:07pm CDT 9:07pm EDT

Moon Trine Jupiter 7:53pm PDT/ 8:53pm MDT/ 9:53pm CDT/ 10:53pm EDT

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