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Happy Friday ~ May 12, 2023

Mercury retrograde mingles with Saturn and Venus, plus the moon is in Aquarius.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus connects with Saturn in Pisces, which can find us reworking logistics and rethinking future plans. This is a good time to reorganize responsibilities! The moon in Aquarius squares off with Uranus in Taurus, perhaps bringing some surprises, and we can feel ready to take action as the moon squares off with the sun in Taurus. Mercury aligns with Venus in Cancer, and we might be running into old friends. The moon connects with Jupiter in Aries, inspiring optimism and generosity. (by Annabel Gat)

It’s a good time to reflect and see new levels of a situation, particularly practical ones, as retrograde Mercury harmonizes with Saturn this morning.

Tonight, retrograde Mercury forms a sextile with Venus, stirring a desire to cooperate, compliment, encourage, and express our affections. We also tend to analyze our relationships, especially past ones, as well as our preferences and feelings. Connecting with people from our past is also possible now.

We’re heading to a Venus-Saturn trine, an energy that also encourages sorting out our feelings. We’re approaching love, relationships, money, or pleasure-seeking in a more mature, responsible, and level-headed way. It’s a good time for stabilizing relations and demonstrating our affection through practical support, service, and shows of loyalty. This influence reminds us of the value of constancy and reliability. It generates a realistic and perhaps materialistic view of our relationships. We’re enjoying our responsibilities, work, or duties more than usual.

The Moon spends the day in fair-minded Aquarius. The Last Quarter Moon occurs this morning with the Aquarius Moon’s square to the Sun–a signal to review and sort rather than push something new. Until the New Moon on the 19th, it’s a generally better time to tie up loose ends, take inventory, and let go if necessary. We’re sorting out what does and doesn’t work for us. (by Cafe Astrology)

Mercury Sextile Saturn 1:42am PDT/ 2:42am MDT/ 3:42am CDT/ 4:42am EDT

Moon Square Uranus 3:12am PDT/ 4:12am MDT/ 5:12am CDT/ 6:12am EDT

Moon Square Sun 7:28am PDT/ 8:28am MDT/ 9:28am CDT/ 10:28am EDT

Last Quarter Moon 7:28am PDT/ 8:28am MDT/ 9:28am CDT/ 10:28am EDT

Mercury Sextile Venus 7:44pm PDT 8:44pm MDT/ 9:44pm CDT/ 10:44pm EDT

Moon Sextile Jupiter 8:16pm PDT/ 9:16pm MDT/ 8:16pm CDT/ 9:16pm EDT

Void Moon Begins 8:16pm PDT/ 9:16pm MDT/. 10:16pm CDT/ 11:16pm EDT

Void Moon Ends 9:40pm PDT/ 10:40pm MDT/ 11:40pm CDT and early Saturday morning at 12:40am EDT

Moon in Pisces 9:40pm PDT/ 10:40pm MDT/ 11:40pm CDT and early Saturday morning at 12:40am EDT

by Annabel Gat ( by Cafe Astrology (

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