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Happy Friday ~ November 11, 2022

Early today, the Sun-Saturn square perfects, and we can be cautious or experience lowered vitality. Sacrifices may be necessary. It’s best to conserve energy.

This afternoon, a Venus-Mars quincunx occurs, and our timing may be slightly off. There can be a dilemma or difficulty in feeling entirely at ease with others and making satisfying choices for entertainment or pleasure. Our romantic sensibilities and desires may be at odds, and problems (especially misunderstandings) in romantic and sexual relationships may result. Conflicts are likely between desires for independence and the need for nurturing or to nurture.

The Moon is in observant Gemini until 7:24 PM EST, when it moves into protective Cancer.

Sun Square Saturn

12:04am PST/ 1:04am MST/ 2:04am CST/ 3:04am EST

Moon Square Neptune

2:03am PST/ 3:03am MST/ 4:03am CST/ 5:03am EST

Moon Conjunct Mars Retrograde

5:34am PST/ 6:34am MST/ 7:34am CST/ 8:34am EST

Moon Square Jupiter

2:28pm PST/ 3:28pm MST/ 4:28pm CST/ 5:28pm EST

Void Moon Begins

2:30pm PST/ 3:30pm MST/ 4:30pm CST/ 5:30pm EST

Void Moon Ends

4:24pm PST/ 5:24pm MST/ 6:24pm CST/ 7:24pm EST

Moon in Cancer

4:24pm PST/ 5:24pm MST/ 6:24pm CST/ 7:24pm EST

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