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Happy Friday ~ November 4, 2022

The moon and Neptune meet in Pisces, which can find us reconnecting with our intuitions in a deep way. The moon squares off with Mars retrograde in Gemini, testing our patience! Finding healthy, productive ways to channel your energy is a good idea. The moon mingles with Pluto in Capricorn, and we’re examining power and influence, and there’s a jolly, generous mood as the moon meets Jupiter. The moon enters fire sign Aries, inspiring enthusiasm!

The Moon continues its transit of Pisces, aligning with Jupiter shortly before it leaves the sign. Getting in touch with our imaginative, compassionate side can be pleasurable and rewarding today.

Nevertheless, the Moon’s square and Mercury’s sesquiquadrate to retrograde Mars can point to impulsive, tense, or even aggressive communications and hasty decision-making. We can accomplish more if we’re careful to pace ourselves. Buried anger can bubble up and emerge in our communications unexpectedly.

We should watch for rushing things, impatience in speech and movements, and abrupt or insensitive commentary. It’s best to put in the effort to respect and validate others when expressing what we need and want. Ideally, we can channel mental tension into something constructive.

The Aries Moon from 7:08 PM EDT forward is direct and courageous.

Moon Conjunct Neptune

3:34am PDT/ 4:34am MDT/ 5:34am CDT/ 6:34am EDT

Moon Square Mars

8:02am PDT/ 9:02am MDT/ 10:02am CDT/ 11:02am EDT

Moon Sextile Pluto

9:34am PDT/ 10:23am MDT/ 11:23am EDT/ 12:34pm EDT

Moon Conjunct Jupiter

3:05pm PDT/ 4:05pm MDT/ 5:05pm CDT/ 6:05pm EDT

Void Moon begins

3:06pm PDT/ 4:06pm MDT/ 5:06pm CDT/ 6:06pm EDT

Void Moon ends

4:08pm PDT/ 5:08pm MDT/ 6:08pm CDT/ 7:08pm EDT

Moon in Aries

4:08pm PDT/ 5:08pm MDT/ 6:08pm CDT/ 7:08pm EDT

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