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Happy Friday ~ October 14, 2022

The Venus-Saturn trine perfects early today, and the Moon hooks into this energy via trines to Venus and Saturn, effectively extending its themes. Business sense is excellent, although we can be risk-averse now. It can be a time of bonding or shows of support and loyalty in a relationship. We value reliability and tradition more than usual and could feel pleasantly responsible for our loved ones or special pursuits.

Transits today stabilize our emotions, bringing us down to earth and focused on practical priorities. The Moon spends the day in Gemini, encouraging a connected, communicative approach to our lives.

Venus Trine Saturn

12:11am MDT/ 1:11am CDT/ 2:11am EDT

Moon Trine Saturn

10:33am PDT/ 11:33am MDT/ 12:33pm CDT/ 1:33pm EDT

Moon Trine Venus

11:51am PDT/ 12:51pm MDT/ 1:51pm CDT/ 2:51pm EDT

Sun Trine Moon

4:23pm PDT/ 5:23pm MDT/ 6:23pm CDT/ 7:23pm EDT

Moon Square Neptune

10:46pm PDT/ 11:46pm EDT

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