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Happy Monday, June 20, 2022

The Moon spends most of the day in Pisces, only entering Aries at 11:38pm EDT. The Last Quarter Moon occurs shortly before the Moon changes signs when the Sun in late Gemini forms a square to the Moon in late Pisces. The Last Quarter Moon phase points to a possible crisis of consciousness. We’ve processed recent epiphanies, and we begin to see what works for us–and what doesn’t–in preparation for next week’s New Moon when something new is born again. It’s not an ideal time to start a significant project, as the decreasing light of the Moon symbolizes descent into unconsciousness. Instead, it’s time to handle details or tie up loose ends.

We’re also nearing a Venus-Pluto trine that’s exact tomorrow morning, and the need to share or enjoy life on more profound levels is strong as the day advances. This influence helps us connect with what we most love and cherish. We might narrow our focus to our advantage under this influence. We seek to grow, improve, or develop our attachments. Recognizing the value of patience, we’re more strategic and likely to gain new insight into business and personal relationships.

Moon Conjunction Neptune

12:24pm PDT/ 1:24pm MDT/ 2:24pm CDT/ 3:24pm EDT

Moon Sextile Venus

4:13pm PDT/ 5:13pm MDT/ 6:13pm CDT/ 7:13pm EDT

Moon Sextile Pluto

4:54pm PDT/ 5:54pm MDT/ 6:54pm CDT/ 8:54pm EDT

Moon in Aries

8:38pm PDT/ 9:38pm MDT/ 10:38pm CDT/ 11:38pm EDT

Venus Trine Pluto

11:49pm PDT

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