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Happy Monday ~ December 5, 2022

The moon meets Uranus in Taurus, stirring up surprising feelings. Unexpected news may arrive. We could be in the mood to experiment! The moon squares off with Saturn in Aquarius, urging us to focus on our responsibilities and to set boundaries. (By Annabel Gat)

With the Moon in Taurus all day, we crave stability, favoring steadiness over innovation. The Moon aligns with the North Node, reminding us to improve. We’re learning to pull away from stress and be more content, patient, and self-satisfied.

As the day advances, a Mercury-Jupiter square comes into play, and we need room to explore and create, visualize new solutions to problems, and express ourselves freely.

However, we are inclined to exaggerate or miss the bigger point. We should watch for a strong tendency to overstate or overestimate in our quest for meaning. Mental anxiety could manifest as we can swing from blind faith to doubt, making it difficult to make good, practical choices. We might also watch for scattering our energies or taking on too many activities at once–we could be looking so far ahead that we forget the essential details or disclaimers. We might waste our time on inconsequential matters.

With this transit occurring in the last degree of the signs, we should be particularly mindful of making impatient decisions.(by Cafe Astrology)

Moon Conjunct Uranus

9:38am PST/ 10:38am MST/ 11:38am CST/ 12:38pm EST

Moon Square Saturn

5:54pm PST/ 6:54pm MST/ 7:54pm CST/ 8:54pm EST

Moon Sextile Neptune

10:39pm PST/ 11:39pm MST

Mercury Square Jupiter

10:55pm PST/ 11:55pm MST

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