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Happy Monday ~ March 7, 2022

We may be in the mood to try new things as the moon meets Uranus in Taurus today, and an expansive energy flows as the moon connects with Jupiter in Pisces. The moon connects with the sun in Pisces, inspiring confidence—but delays may pop up as the moon squares off with Saturn in Aquarius. The moon connects with Neptune in Pisces, inspiring our imaginations.

Moon Conjunct Uranus

12:38am CDT/ 1:38am EDT

Moon Sextile Jupiter

5:49am PDT/ 6:49am MDT/ 7:49am CDT/ 8:49am EDT

Sun Sextile Moon

9:03am PDT/ 10:03am MDT/ 11:03am CDT/ 12:03pm EDT

Moon Square Saturn

1:56pm PDT/ 2:56pm MDT/ 3:56pm CDT/ 4:56pm EDT

Moon Sextile Neptune

8:03pm PDT/ 9:03pm MDT/ 10:03pm CDT/ 11:03pm EDT

Annabel Gat

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