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Happy Monday ~ May 22, 2023

The Sun’s sextile to Mars early today is passionate but measured. As the day advances, however, we tap into a Mars-Jupiter square that’s exact early tomorrow, and it can rev us up, possibly convincing us that we can do more or take on more than is possible. There can be “much ado about nothing.”

Mars-Jupiter brings hot-headed, dynamic energy to the day. We tend to overdo or jump into action too hastily. We’re easily riled up, enthusiastic, or excited under this influence. We can be excited about our prospects but perhaps too hasty, counting our chickens before they hatch, putting money into a venture that needs further review, or overestimating what we (or the world) can do.

Watch for haughtiness. We may be so focused on what we want to do that we lose sight of what is possible. A feeling of urgency may lead to coming on stronger than we intend.

However, if we use common sense, this is a good time to stretch our imaginations and entertain new possibilities. Be watchful of making too much of a matter that doesn’t deserve so much attention. We might consider new ideas, but launches or commitments should probably wait.

Sun Sextile Mars

12:56am CDT/ 1:56am EDT

Moon in Cancer Trine Saturn in Pisces

9:26am PDT/ 10:26am MDT/ 11:26am CDT/ 12:26pm EDT

Moon in Cancer Sextile Mercury in Taurus

12:09pm PDT/ 1:09pm MDT/ 2:09pm CDT/ 3:09pm EDT

Mars in Leo Square Jupiter in Taurus

10:11pm PDT/ 11:11pm MDT

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