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Happy Monday ~ October 10, 2022

Venus opposes Chiron this morning, and there can be disappointments as we focus on the differences and weaknesses rather than the strong points in our interactions. Temporarily, we’re less confident about our relationships, social life, worth, money, or social skills. We are more aware and possibly resentful of imbalances in our relationships and insecure about whether our affections are reciprocated.

The Moon continues in bold Aries until 5:04 PM EDT, when it enters steady Taurus.

Mercury enters Libra today, where it will stay until the 29th. Mercury first moved into Libra on August 25th but turned retrograde on September 9th and retreated into Virgo on September 23rd.

With Mercury now in Libra, we bring a more rational approach to one-to-one relationships. It’s a good time to think about improving our negotiation skills. While it’s not a time for hard work or getting down to the nitty gritty, we’re in good shape for mending fences, socializing, and harmonizing. We prosper by communicating more effectively and diplomatically, mediating, negotiating, or compromising. Our thinking is moderate–we avoid extremes of opinion, preferring to be fair to all involved.

Moon Sextile Mars

1:14am PDT/ 2:14am MDT/ 3:14am CDT/ 4:14am EDT

Moon Square Pluto

7:02am PDT/ 8:02am MDT/ 9:02am CDT/ 10:02am EDT

Void Moon

7:02am PDT/ 8:02am MDT/ 9:02am CDT/ 10:02am EDT

Moon in Taurus

2:04pm PDT/ 3:04pm MDT/ 4:04pm CDT/ 5:04pm EDT

Mercury in Libra

4:51pm PDT/ 5:51pm MDT/ 6:51pm CDT/ 7:51pm EDT

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