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Happy New Year! Message for 2022

Happy New Year!

We have entered the energy of 2022, comprised one 0 – vibration of Divine protection – and three 2’s.

With the number 2 all year long you will discover the importance of connection.

Connection and Resonance.

The connection theme is important, because 2022 is literally a triple activation of two: you connecting to the other and you coming together as one.

2+0+2+2 = 6

Since three 2’s add up to 6, you are connecting through and resonating to the frequency of love.

Love embodies all the frequencies of light, gratitude, joy, bliss, peace, abundance, divine timing, awareness, compassion.

In its highest expression 6 brings you into your heart center, connecting you to the source of everything.

When you are in resonance with the Divine, your life just flows.

Playfulness… people need to play more.

There is a lot of inter-tangled confusion amongst humans who are intertwined with each other's problems, and don't realize that they are not living a life of joy. They see themselves as doers, active, and therefore alive, but have forgotten the true source of life and what it feels like to be alive and nourished by that source.

You connect to Source through joy, laughter, fun… through play.

Many things that are capturing your attention these days are not filled with these qualities, to say the least, and this must be changed in order for the reconnection to Source to unfold.

Play, just like our pets play.

Smile and look at the world through the lens of laughter and appreciation. This cannot be done in the current climate of fear, intimidation, judgment – the shackles of the mind that bind you to a rigid regimen of thought patterns.

Listen and take time and ponder… and partake even in the smallest, delightful appearances of what may be seen as trivial, but what actually is delighting your senses.

When we get into that playful space, we are acknowledging to the universe that we are having fun.

We are enjoying our life, our time.

We are in appreciation.

We are truly excited about just…that…moment.

And nothing interferes with an exquisite moment when you get excited about it.

Nothing else can impede the flow, when you go to that place of enjoyment, when you partake in the fruits of life itself – the tiniest to the grandest. It doesn't matter, as long as you are feeling light, delighted and lit up inside.

May you have a blessed New Year!


Tania Gabrielle

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