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Happy November!

This year the 11th Month merges with 2022, activating TWO Master Numbers.

11.2022 adds up to an 8 Universal Month, and the upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is exact on November 8.

✨11 is the Psychic Master and our Inner Divine Light.

✨22 is the Architect of Peace and the Builder.

✨8:8 is the Infinite Leader, Manifester and Eternal Life.

So we have Master numbers 11 and 22 and a double 8:8 code joined with the total full moon eclipse in Taurus, plus Mars Retrograde!

Together they create a triad of truth.

11.22 invokes the inner peace that comes from being utterly present.

🌺The only thing that matters is the step you are taking right now.

With this incredible Astro-Numerology code, all energy is going flow back to you to show you what your true intention was behind your thoughts.

So, in November we will be consciously faced with how we think.

This will allow us to cleanse and clear as we bridge from 2022 into 2023.

Tania Gabrielle

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