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Happy Saturday ~ December 11, 2021

Mercury forms a sesquiquadrate to Uranus this morning and a sextile to Jupiter this afternoon, and it’s a strong time for mind-expanding activities, exercises, and conversations. We take a more philosophical approach to thinking and are more open to learning. We’re trying to put things into perspective, but these transits can also encourage reaching beyond our usual boundaries. Our minds are open to possibilities, but there can be some mental disorganization to manage.

Venus is parallel and conjunct Pluto today, and we want to grow, change, or intensify our relationships, money, pleasures, or social lives–or grow ourselves through these things. It’s a day of intense feelings and a stronger connection with our deeper wants. We might try to sway, coerce, and manipulate others or demand more from our relationships or pastimes. This is a time when we can be incredibly focused and perhaps obsessed, especially when handling business and finances or in love and partnership.

While the Moon moves into Aries at 4:46 PM EST and we value being straightforward, we head toward a Sun-Neptune square, which tends to diffuse energy and blur boundaries. We may be dealing with some disorganization, impracticality, or a temporary energy drain. This transit challenges us to consider our needs for inspiration and imagination, which might conflict with our plans and goals, or we may need to confront the areas of our lives where reality isn’t measuring up to our ideals.

Until we find ways to incorporate more spirit into our lives, there can be problems feeling motivated. It can be a time of increased spiritual awareness and vision, even if we initially struggle with this. There may be detours or distractions to deal with now. This influence amps up uncertainty, and we can either go with that flow or resist it and feel a little lost and without direction temporarily.

Moon Sextile Venus

4:52am PDT/ 5:52am MDT/ 6:52am CDT/ 7:52am EDT

Moon Sextile Pluto

4:56am PDT/ 5:56am MDT/ 6:58am CDT/ 7:58am EDT

Moon Square Mercury

7:33am PDT/ 8:33am MDT/ 9:33am CDT/ 10:33am EDT

Venus Conjunct Pluto

8:29am PDT/ 9:29am MDT/ 10:29am CDT/ 11:29am EDT

Mercury Sextile Jupiter

11:24am PDT/ 12:24am MDT/ 1:24am CDT/ 2:24am EDT

Moon in Aries

1:46pm PDT/ 2:46pm MDT/ 3:46pm CDT/ 4:46pm EDT

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