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Happy Saturday ~ December 3, 2022

Neptune stations and turns direct today after retrograde motion since June 28th. Now and in the coming few weeks, confusing situations become more transparent. We’re more confident about applying our creativity in the real world. Instead of thinking of this period as a time of disillusionment, we can see it as a time of illumination–when we increasingly see the light. The fog is lifted and we see things more clearly.

We have more faith in our dreams and visions, in others, and in our belief systems. We begin to seek inspiration from external sources. However, with Neptune at a station today, we may have difficulty focusing long enough to tackle a task adequately.

A Sun-Pluto semi-square does suggest some struggle to let go. We might crave a sense of control over events, relationships, and circumstances, becoming frustrated at any sign that we don’t have it.

But adding to the disorientation of Neptune’s station is a Venus-Neptune square that’s exact early tomorrow. It can cast a veil over our needs, wants, and perceptions. We may be dreaming up the ideal, which can clash with reality. We can lack some discrimination, particularly regarding people we care about, our relationships, and material things.

We should make an effort to separate fact from fiction to not set ourselves up for disappointment. What appears to be a great buy or something we need may very well turn out to be useless to us, or worse, a financial drain or money pit. Lines can blur when it comes to pursuing pleasure, as we can convince ourselves to believe what we want to think. We’re likely too close to the situation. Examining discontent experienced now may be an opportunity to identify where we’ve neglected our spiritual, idealistic, romantic, or imaginative needs.

Ideally, as we also approach a Sun-Chiron trine, we see the opportunities to learn, grow, and improve, mainly through spontaneity, self-assertion, and courage. With less concern about who’s right or wrong, we’re open to learning and growing. Our egos don’t get in the way, helping us make real progress. The chance to find a sense of purpose or a “mission” can arise now, increasing our confidence.

Moon Sextile Mars

5:11am PST/ 6:11am MST/ 7:11am CST/ 8:11am EST

Moon Sextile Saturn

9:06am PST/ 10:06am MST/ 11:06am CST/ 12:06pm EST

Moon Trine Venus

12:57pm PST/ 1:57pm MST/ 2:57pm CST/ 3:57pm EST

Neptune Direct

4:15pm PST/ 5:15pm MST/ 6:17pm CST/ 7:17pm EST

Moon Trine Mercury

7:53pm PST/ 8:53pm MST/ 9:53pm CST/ 10:53pm EST

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