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Happy Saturday ~ July 1, 2023

The Sun-Mercury alignment occurs early today, and both bodies form semi-squares to Mars and sextiles to Jupiter. We can be tense, impatient, or brassy. Frustration could fuel our motivation to make a change, however. We can quickly come up with ideas or retorts, but we can be nervous and snappy. It’s not an ideal time for patience or listening skills.

However, we are clearer in our thoughts and exchanges, and mind-expanding activities, exercises, and conversations can figure strongly. We’re alert and resourceful, seeking solutions to problems or the positive side of situations.

The Moon spends the day in friendly, straightforward Sagittarius. Its harmony with Venus and Chiron boosts our potential to cooperate, build trust, work through problems, and heal.

Sun Conjunction Mercury 12:06am CDT/ 1:06am EDT

Mercury Sextile Jupiter 12:10am PDT/ 1:10am MDT/ 2:10am CDT/ 3:10am EDT

Sun Sextile Jupiter 3:25am PDT/ 4:25am MDT/ 5:25am CDT/ 6:25am EDT

Moon Trine Venus 8:18pm PDT/ 9:18pm MDT/ 10:18pm CDT/ 11:18pm EDT

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