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Happy Saturday ~ July 2, 2022

Mercury in Gemini makes a helpful connection with Saturn in Aquarius, creating a solid atmosphere for communication and planning commitments, plus promoting flexibility and responsibility. The moon in Leo squares off with Uranus in Taurus, which could bring some surprises. Mercury in Gemini squares off with Neptune in Pisces, perhaps finding us feeling day-dreamy—but we could be prone to overthinking things at this time, so find ways to stay grounded! The moon in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius, encouraging us to set boundaries. (By Annabel Gat)

Mercury forms a trine to Saturn this morning, but later today, a square to Neptune–very different energies.

The Mercury-Saturn trine spotlights the practical side of things as it supports work with details, realistic thinking, and step-by-step approaches to learning and communicating. This transit helps ground and center our thinking. Conversations may be spare but to the point or instructive. It’s an excellent time to assist others in understanding our perspective and a step-by-step approach to tasks and problems. We are cautious with our expectations, or at least we remind ourselves to be so.

However, as the day advances, we find it challenging to follow or clearly communicate facts, directions, and instructions. Perceptions may be confused or overly idealistic, influenced heavily by wishful thinking and imagination. We may be dealing with deception or self-deception, and it can be difficult to be discriminating. On the plus side, our minds are open to many different possibilities and options. The Leo Moon is creative, determined, and outgoing. (By Cafe Astrology)

Mercury Trine Saturn

3:39am PDT/ 4:39am MDT/ 5:39am CDT/ 6:39am EDT

Moon Square Uranus

5:22am PDT/ 6:22am MDT/ 7:22am CDT/ 8:22am EDT

Mercury Square Neptune

1:53pm PDT/ 2:53pm MDT/ 3:53pm CDT/ 4:53pm EDT

Moon Opposition Saturn

6:55pm PDT/ 7:55pm MDT/ 8:55pm CDT/ 9:55pm EDT

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