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Happy Saturday ~ May 13, 2023

The Venus-Saturn trine early today points to a desire to keep things moderate and even. The Moon moves into Pisces soon into the day,, awakening our need for spiritual refreshment or escape. Ideally, this is a time for decompressing, winding down, and tapping into our intuition.

While the Moon-Saturn alignment feels heavy or serious, we’re processing and digesting recent events at this time of the lunar month. The Pisces Moon also encourages the need to connect with our inner world, which can be particularly useful on this day before a Mercury station.

The Moon is void until the Moon enters Pisces.

Moon in Pisces

12:40am EDT

Venus Trine Saturn

12:57am MDT/ 1:57am CDT/ 2:57am EDT

Moon Sextile Mercury

7:45am PDT/ 8:45am MDT/ 9:45am CDT/ 10:45am EDT

Moon Conjunction Saturn

8:12am PDT/ 9:12am MDT/ 10:12am CDT/ 11:12am EDT

Moon Trine Venus

8:51am PDT/ 9:51am MDT/ 10:51am CDT/ 11:51am EDT

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