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Happy Saturday ~ October 8, 2022

The moon is in Pisces today, and it joins whimsical Neptune, also in Pisces, creating an imaginative, dreamy atmosphere. The moon mingles with Pluto in Capricorn, helping us tap into our inner power. A new perspective can be gained as the moon opposes Mercury in Virgo.

The moon enters fire sign Aries, inspiring strength and courage, and people are feeling especially expansive and generous as the moon meets Jupiter in Aries. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn ends, possibly stirring up intense emotions: We could be coming to terms with our feelings or fears about the unknown, and experiencing a great transformation that challenges us to release the past. (By Annabel Gat)

When the moon enters Aries we’re ready for action!

Pluto stations and turns direct today, and there can be inner rumblings as we sense something is coming. This happens after over five months of retrograde motion (Pluto turned retrograde on April 29th), and its station adds intensity to all we do and feel today and this week.

Over the coming weeks, our power to make profound changes in our lives is more externalized, insistent, and direct. We are less likely to brood over changes that we feel have been thrust upon us and more likely to take things into our own hands and make necessary changes. For now, we can feel on the fence. (Cafe Astrology)

Moon Sextile Pluto

2:14am PDT/ 3:14am MDT/ 4:14am CDT/ 5:14am EDT

Void Moon

4:11am PDT/ 5:11am MDT/ 6:11am CDT/ 7:11am EDT

Moon Opposition Mercury

4:10am PDT/ 5:10am MDT/ 6:10am CDT/ 7:10am EDT

Pluto Direct

8:25am PDT/ 9:25pm MDT/ 10:25pm CDT/ 11:25pm EDT

Void Moon ends

8:57am PDT/ 9:57am MDT/ 10:57am CDT/ 11:57am EDT

Moon in Aries

8:57am PDT/ 9:57am MDT/ 10:57am CDT/ 11:57am EDT

Moon Conjunct Jupiter

12:37pm PDT/ 1:37pm MDT/ 2:37pm CDT/ 3:37pm EDT

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