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Happy Sunday, April 10, 2022

The moon enters Leo and Mercury enters Taurus!

The moon entered big-hearted Leo.. Loyalty, passion, and creativity are keywords for the moon in Leo, and we could be having especially deep conversations as Mercury in Aries squares off with Pluto in Capricorn. Secrets may be shared, and it could be a powerful time for research. People may ask probing questions at this time, but just because someone reaches out, that doesn’t mean you owe them your time: Set boundaries if you’re feeling uncomfortable! Mercury enters Taurus, inspiring focus and patience.

(by Annabel Gat)

This morning, Mercury forms a square with Pluto, stirring some suspicion. We can be determined to get our message across and have others agree with our ideas. This aspect may play to our insecurities and fears that we’re not getting all the information we need or that others don’t respect our views. We should avoid forcing our opinions on others and instead strive for healthy skepticism rather than suspicion or paranoia. Obsessive thinking is possible now, but with self-awareness and mindfulness, we might engage in in-depth, penetrating communication or think more deeply about a matter.

The Moon spends the day in Leo, encouraging us to elevate our thoughts and activities. We’re dynamic, involved, and entertaining. Mercury enters Taurus tonight, where it will transit until the 29th. Our thinking is down-to-earth, stable, and grounded during this cycle. Common sense reigns over fanciful thinking. We communicate quite deliberately under this influence. While Mercury is in Taurus, we gravitate to tried and true methods. Attention to one thing at a time can simplify our lives during this cycle, but we should watch for overly conservative, stubborn, or rigid thinking. (by Cafe Astrology)

Mercury Square Pluto

1:45am PDT/ 2:45am MDT/ 3:45am CDT/ 4:45am EDT

Mercury in Taurus

7:09pm PDT/ 8:09pm MDT/ 9:09pm CDT/ 10:09pm EDT

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