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Happy Sunday ~ December 11, 2022

Intense feelings may arise when the Cancer moon opposes Pluto in Capricorn. There could be power/ego struggles early in the day. Fortunately as the day moves forward the moon in Cancer will make a supportive trine to Jupiter in Pisces. Our moods can shift towards philosophical matters and we receive an artistic boost and feelings of joy.

The moon goes into a short void early afternoon until it enters Leo. We're feeling more confident and dominant. We're only interested in pleasure and enjoyments which lights up the rest of our day. Where is Leo on your personal chart?

Moon Opposition Pluto

6:11 PST/ 7:11 MST/ 8:11am CST/ 9:11aam EST

Moon Trine Jupiter

10:49am PST/ 11:49m MST/ 12:49pm CST/ 1:49pm PST

Void Moon Begins

10:50am PST/ 11:50am MST/ 12:50pm CST/ 1:50pm EST

Moon Void Ends

12:10pm PST/ 1:10pm MST/ 2:10pm CST/ 3:10pm EST

Moon in Leo

12:10pm PST/ 1:10pm MST/ 2:10pm CST/ 3:10pm EST

By Planet News by Zoe

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