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Happy Sunday ~ February 19, 2022

Today’s Venus-Pluto sextile gently breaks down barriers, helping us with new insight into our needs for love, comfort, or pleasure and our money situation. Or, we take a comfortably strategic approach to these affairs. Our feelings are more focused and intensified in a generally pleasant and positive way. In fact, we seek depth of emotion and authenticity in our dealings.

The Moon spends most of the day in Aquarius until this evening when it enters dreamy Pisces before midnight.

The New Moon occurs (Sunday) tonight on the west coast time at 11:06pm PST/ and early Monday morning, 12:06am MST/ 1:06am CST/ 2:06am EST in the sign of Pisces, and it’s a time for a new beginning or fresh starts.

Moon Trine Mars 12:01am/ 1:01am EST

Venus Sextile Pluto 7:26am PST/ 8:26am MST/ 9:26am CST/ 10:26m EST

Moon Conjunction Saturn 6:00pm PST/ 7:00pm MST/ 8:00pm CST/ 9:00pm EST

Moon Void Begins 6:01pm PST/ 7:01pm MST/ 8:01pm CST/ 9:01pm EST

Moon Void Ends 8:56pm PST/ 9:56pm MST/ 10:56pm CST/ 11:56pm EST

Moon in Pisces 8:56pm PST/ 9:56pm MST/ 10:56pm CST/ 11:56pm EST

New Moon in Pisces 11:06pm PST/ 12:06am MST/ 1:06am CST/ 2:06am EST

Venus in Aries 11:55pm PST and early Monday morning at 12:55am MST/ 1:55am CST/ 2:55am EST

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