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Happy Sunday ~ February 27, 2022

The moon in Capricorn connects with Neptune in Pisces, inspiring our imaginations. The moon meets sweet Venus, fiery Mars, and powerful Pluto (all in Capricorn), creating a passionate atmosphere! We’re exploring our desires on a deep level. Intense emotions may surface, but a cool, detached approach can be taken as the moon enters air sign Aquarius.

The Moon spends part of the day continuing its transit of Capricorn. Our inclination is to focus and prioritize. Bringing more punch, ambition, dynamism, or creativity to our pursuits can be a strong theme. The Moon in Aquarius from 1:36 PM onward stimulates our progressive, inventive, and innovative side.

With Chiron and Juno heading into a sextile aspect, we take relationship challenges in stride, naturally recognizing that to get along, we need to make an effort. We’re open to trusting and giving others some room to grow. Our relationships can be therapeutic, and mentoring or healing together are themes. We fight for the underdog, we’re idealistic, and we have a strong sense of the future.

Moon in Capricorn Sextile Neptune in Pisces

12:49am EDT

Moon in Capricorn Conjunct Venus in Capricorn

1:06am PDT/ 2:06am MDT/ 3:06am CDT/ 4:06am EDT

Moon in Capricorn Conjunct Mars in Capricorn

2:06am PDT/ 3:06am MDT/ 4:06am CDT/ 5:06am EDT

Moon in Capricorn Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

6:49am PDT/ 7:49am MDT/ 8:49am CDT/ 9:49am EDT

Moon in Aquarius

10:36am PDT/ 11:36am MDT/ 12:36pm CDT/ 1:36pm EDT

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