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Happy Sunday ~ June 11, 2023

This may be the most astrologically exciting day of the month! The moon meets Neptune in Pisces, inspiring creativity, sympathy, and understanding. Pluto reenters Capricornafter having spent some time in Aquarius, finding us rethinking our relationships to power, authority, and tradition.

Mercury in Taurus aligns with Pluto, which could find us sharing secrets. This can be a productive time for research. Mercury enters Gemini, kicking up communication. The moon mingles with Pluto, finding us working through intense emotions, and the moon enters Aries, boosting courage and confidence.

The moon connects with Mercury, again encouraging communication. Be careful not to overindulge but do enjoy the fun atmosphere as Venus in Leo squares off with Jupiter in Taurus. The moon connects with Venus, inspiring an affectionate mood.

Moon Conjunction Neptune 2:11am PDT/ 3:11am MDT/ 4:11am CDT/ 5:11am EDT Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn 2:32am PDT/ 3:32am MDT/ 4:32am CDT/ 5:32am EDT Mercury Trine Pluto 3:20am PDT/ 4:20am MDT/ 5:20am CDT/ 6:20am EDT Mercury in Gemini 3:21am PDT/ 4:21am MDT/ 5:21am CDT/ 6:21am EDT Moon Sextile Pluto 6:am PDT/ 7:15am MDT/ 8:23am CDT/ 9:23am EDT Moon in Aries 6:20am PDT/ 7:20am MDT/ 8:20am CDT/ 9:20am EDT Moon Sextile Mercury 6:47am PDT/ 7:47am MDT/ 8:47am CDT/ 9:47am EDT Venus Square Jupiter 8:41pm PDT/ 9:41pm MDT/ 10:41pm CDT/ 11:41pm EDT Moon Trine Venus 4:40pm PDT/ 5:40pm MDT/ 6:40pm CDT/ 7:40pm EDT

Annabel Gat

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