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Happy Sunday ~ June 12, 2022

The moon in Scorpio squares off with Saturn in Aquarius, urging responsibility and maturity. The moon connects with Neptune in Pisces, inspiring a creative atmosphere, and connects with Pluto in Capricorn, bringing transformation. The moon opposes Mercury in Taurus, which may kick up communication. The moon enters Sagittarius, inspiring optimism and generosity. (By Annabel Gat)

The Moon continues its transit of Scorpio, drawing us to transformative and emotionally moving experiences. We seek to explore deeper truths and motives. The Scorpio Moon is observant and intense. While it’s not always easy to get a good “read” on others today, it’s a fine time for exploring the layers of situations.

The Sagittarius Moon from 6:32 PM forward is spirited and adventurous. But while the Moon in Sagittarius encourages spontaneity and freedom, the Sun is about to form a biquintile with Pluto, and we can take a comfortably strategic approach to our lives. We’re creative with problem-solving. (By Cafe Astrology)

Moon Square Saturn

7:45am PDT/ 8:45am MDT/ 9:45am CDT/ 10:45am EDT

Moon Trine Neptune

8:01am PDT/ 9:01am MDT/ 10:01pm CDT/ 11:01pm ED

Moon Sextile Pluto

12:34pm PDT/ 1:34pm MDT/ 2:34pm CDT/ 3:34pm EDT

Moon Opposes Mercury

2:40pm PDT/ 3:40pm MDT 4:40pm CDT/ 5:40pm EDT

Moon in Sagittarius

3:32pm PDT/ 4:32pm MDT/ 5:32pm CDT/ 6:32pm EDT

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