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Happy Sunday ~ June 4, 2023

The Moon spends the day in Sagittarius, and we seek non-routine, spontaneous experiences. We’re also hungry to learn new things.

Reinforcing this excitement is Mercury’s alignment with Uranus. We can feel inspired to think and connect or communicate in new, fresh ways. It can be a time of mental breakthroughs, innovative thinking, and perhaps nervous energy. We’re not content merely recycling old ideas or performing repetitive processes; we are quick to latch onto progressive approaches and methods.

We might stir things up or shock others with our opinions, ideas, and communications. Our senses may overload to the point that we are scatterbrained, impulsive, or impatient. However, if channeled well, we can arrive at especially inventive, original, progressive, and unbiased ideas and methods.

Mercury Conjunct Uranus

12:44pm PDT/ 1:44pm MDT/ 2:44pm CDT/ 3:44pm EDT

Moon Square Neptune

8:22pm PDT/ 9:22pm MDT/ 10:22pm CDT/ 11:22pm EDT

Moon Void Begins

8:25pm PDT/ 9:25pm MDT/ 10:25pm CDT/ 11:25pm EDT

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