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Happy Sunday ~ March 13, 2022

The moon in Cancer makes a harmonious connection with Neptune in Pisces, inspiring our imaginations, and the sun meets Neptune in Pisces, bringing an especially fanciful and creative mood! Spiritual connections can form, creativity flows, and it’s a magical time to explore your fantasies. The moon opposes Pluto in Capricorn, which may stir up deep and intense emotions. The moon enters Leo, inspiring us to connect with our heart’s purpose. (by Annabel Gat)

This morning, Mercury forms a semi-sextile to Mars, suggesting a tendency toward either indecision or the rushing of decisions. We may not have an easy time putting our ideas into action. However, the Sun aligns with Neptune, helping us take things as they come. We’re finding meaning in our experiences more readily than usual. We’re tuned in, inspired, and charitable.

With this combination, we can be extremely sensitive to the moods and undercurrents around us. We make judgments intuitively and instinctually. We might resist defining our actions and goals, and instead, we seek alternate ways of connecting with our dreams. Our morals may be flexible as we tend to stretch our usual boundaries. This transit stimulates and enhances spiritual awareness. It’s a good time to connect with our dreams, ideals, and romantic or spiritual selves. The Moon continues its transit of protective Cancer until it moves into outgoing Leo at 3:32 PM EDT. (by Cafe Astrology)

Moon Trine Neptune

12:25am EDT

Sun Conjunct Neptune

4:43am PDT/ 5:43am MDT/ 6:43am CDT/ 7:43am EDT

Moon Opposes Pluto

8:44am PDT/ 9:44am MDT/ 10:44am CDT/ 11:44am EDT

Moon enters Leo

12:32pm PDT/ 1:32pm MDT/ 2:32pm CDT/ 3:32pm EDT

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