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Happy Sunday ~ October 16, 2022

The moon in Cancer squares off with Mercury in Libra, inspiring a busy, talkative atmosphere. If a conversation or decision feels unfair, action can be taken to adjust things at this time. An idea that’s been brewing may now be brought to action.(by Annabel Gat)

Today’s Sun-Neptune quincunx adds a layer of uncertainty or indecision to our day. We might feel that people are draining our energy, especially if what they want from us is unclear. We can feel slightly off or out of sorts, and there can be difficulties concentrating or figuring out our next step. These things are more likely if we’ve neglected our spiritual needs, and it makes sense to slow down and adjust. Incorporating and recognizing the need for more imagination in our lives seems necessary now. Venus will form a quincunx to Neptune tomorrow. Today’s Cancer Moon is warm and sensitive.(by Cafe Astrology)

Moon Square Libra

12:19am PDT/ 1:19am MDT/ 2:19am CDT/ 3:19am EDT

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