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Happy Sunday ~ October 23, 2022

Saturn stations and turns direct today after its retrograde motion since June 4th. This change in direction reminds us to take care of our obligations and bring our goals down to earth. With Saturn’s direct turn, our responsibilities, and perhaps our limitations, tend to magnify. Gradually, our long-term goals and plans will become clearer. We become more aware of rules, limits, and boundaries in our lives.

Saturn will be in post-retrograde shadow until January 26, 2023 at 25° 15’

Venus and the Sun move into Scorpio today, where they will stay until November 16th and 22nd, respectively. Venus here is highly emotional and passionate. We seek projects, pleasures, and relationships that involve, absorb, or consume us in the weeks ahead. Fears of being too vulnerable or of giving up our power to others can heighten. However, we’re especially adept at handling money and resources during this cycle.

Scorpio is a sign of depth, intimacy, and extremes of feeling, and with the Sun in the sign, superficiality or mediocrity will not do! In the weeks ahead, we’re more likely to prosper through strategy and knowing the value of keeping some things to ourselves at the correct times. Efforts to repurpose, recycle, salvage, and transform can be successful. We’re adept at organizing, researching, investigating, and analyzing. We gravitate to challenges and feel compelled to heal, fix, and direct or manage.

However, the Sun and Venus are quincunx Jupiter and can stir some restlessness and indecision about putting ourselves out there. Challenges tend to be due to overblown expectations. Just for now, it can be hard to find a balance between what we want to do and what we think we should do. We could feel torn between two ideas or drives, perhaps see-sawing between alternatives. There can be some problems in arriving at satisfying conclusions. It’s a time of adjustments and possibly of letting go of old habits so that we can free ourselves up for different experiences.

Saturn Direct

Saturday night at 9:07pm PDT/ 10:07pm MDT/11:07pm CDT/ and on October 23rd Sunday at 12:07am EDT

Venus in Scorpio

12:52am PDT/ 1:52am MDT/ 2:52 am CDT/ 3:52 am EDT

Sun in Scorpio

3:36 am PDT/ 4:36am MDT/ 5:36 am CDT/ 6:36 am EDT

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