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Happy Thursday ~ June 30, 2022

The moon in Cancer makes a harmonious connection with Neptune in Pisces, inspiring our imaginations and encouraging us to connect with our intuitions. But watch out for arguments and impatience as the moon squares off with fiery Mars in Aries. The moon opposes Pluto in Capricorn, which could stir up intense emotions: Make time to sit with how you feel and don’t ignore what comes up for you. The moon enters courageous, big-hearted fire sign Leo. (By Annabel Gat)

The Moon continues its transit of Cancer until 8:41pm EDT, drawing our strong attention to our personal lives, attachments, home, family, and familiar places and faces. However, it opposes Pluto and squares Mars, suggesting some tension due to our drives to perform, our personal goals, or the demands of our responsibilities. We can be competitive and perhaps impatient.

However, the Moon also forms a trine to Neptune, and we can find creative ways to express and satisfy our increased needs for predictability or comfort. The Moon in outgoing Leo from 8:41pm is an expressive, generous transit.

With a Mercury-Pluto biquintile, we prefer to focus on a particular project or idea and develop it more fully. We’re pleasantly dedicated or attentive now. (By Cafe Astrology)

Moon Trine Neptune

8:28am PDT/ 9:28am MDT/ 10:28am CDT/ 11:28am EDT

Moon Square Mars

11:17am PDT/ 12:17pm MDT/ 1:17pm CDT/ 2:17pm EDT

Moon Opposes Pluto

1:14pm PDT/ 2:14pm MDT/ 3:14pm CDT/ 4:14pm EDT

Moon in Leo

5:41pm PDT/ 6:41pm MDT/ 7:41pm CDT/ 8:41pm EDT

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