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Happy Thursday ~ May 18, 2023

This morning’s Sun-Neptune sextile can help us tune into our imaginations and intuition. Instinctual judgment is enhanced under this influence. We see things from a perspective that celebrates our differences. We take things as they come, finding meaning in our experiences more readily than usual.

This influence sets an excellent mood for respecting our intuition. We’re tuned in, inspired, and charitable. What feels like serendipity experienced now may have to do with a good sense of timing and a feeling of being in sync with the universe.

As the day advances, however, we approach a Mercury-Saturn sextile, which grounds our thinking and expectations. This is the third and final pass after Mercury and Saturn returned to this aspect while Mercury was retrograde last week.

We are mentally prepared, desiring more order and organization in our lives. Decisions made now tend to be practical and well thought out.

Nevertheless, a New Moon will occur tomorrow, and it’s best not to begin something entirely new today.

Sun Sextile Neptune

2:00am PDT/ 3:00am MDT/ 4:00am CDT/ 5:00am EDT

Moon Sextile Venus

2:18am PDT/ 3:18am MDT/ 4:18am CDT/ 5:18am EDT

Moon Conjunction Uranus

4:28pm PDT/ 5:28pm MDT/ 6:28pm CDT/ 7:28pm EDT

Mercury Sextile Saturn

11:01pm PDT

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