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Happy Thursday ~ November 17, 2022

Mercury moves into Sagittarius today, where it will stay until December 6th, inspiring an adventurous mindset. Mercury in Sagittarius is curious, questioning, and brave with thoughts and ideas. Our thinking is optimistic and idealistic, and our faith increases. However, we are not always very precise or detail-oriented during this cycle.

The Sun harmonizes with Pallas today, and we build faith or confidence in our skills and talents. We seek meaning, wisdom, and mental stimulation. This is a time for making plans, seeing important patterns, and the motivation to solve problems. The Moon spends the day in Virgo, and attending to our daily affairs is also in order.

Mercury in Sagittarius

9:42am PST/ 10:42am MST/ 11:42am CST/ 12:42pm EST

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