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Happy Tuesday ~ 16, 2023

Jupiter leaves the sign of Aries today and moves into Taurus, where it will transit for a little over a year–until May 25th, 2024.

This transit brings opportunities related to patience, building and strengthening efforts, and focusing on comfort, stability, and longevity. There can be some good fortune or experiences surrounding money, gifts, or personal possessions due to improved resourcefulness while Jupiter transits Taurus. Investments may pay off, or we may realize property gains.

Fields that prosper include agriculture, food, building, music, luxury comfort items, and natural or earthy beauty products. Work that involves steadily building something, conservative moves, and some routine can be most attractive or profitable.

In Taurus, Jupiter urges us to enjoy, appreciate, build on what we already have, and adopt a patient approach to achieving our goals.

Jupiter in Taurus

10:20am PDT/ 11:20am MDT/ 12:20pm CDT/ 1:20pm EDT

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