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Happy Tuesday ~ December 27, 2022

The Moon moves into Pisces early today, and the day is influenced by a Venus-Neptune sextile, exact very early tomorrow. We might open our hearts and connect with spiritual energies, compassion, and concern for others. These energies encourage us to find the best in people and our relationships or pleasures. We approach one another more gently and sensitively than usual. As we see the spiritual dimensions of our relationships, we embrace loving, non-possessive feelings.

Ideally, this is a time for decompressing, winding down, and tapping into our intuition. We might put our faith into a cause, loved ones, or a pet project.

Moon Void Ends

12:35am MST/ 1:35am CST/ 2:35am EST

Moon in Pisces

12:35am MST/ 1:35am CST/ 2:35am EST

Sun Sextile Moon

9:30am PST/ 10:30am MST/ 11:30am CST/ 12:30pm EST

Moon Square Mars

12:56pm PST/ 1:56pm MST/ 2:56pm CST/ 3:56pm EST

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