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Happy Tuesday ~ February 15, 2022

The moon in Leo squares off with wildcard Uranus in Taurus, which may stir up unexpected feelings. A freedom-seeking energy flows. The moon opposes taskmaster Saturn in Aquarius. encouraging us to focus on our responsibilities and practice patience. (by Annabel Gat)

The Moon spends the day in Leo, encouraging our honorable, proud, and loving qualities. We might seek channels for expressing personal emotional drama or creative potential. We’re generally confident and prepared to take on whatever comes our way.

The Leo Moon’s square to Uranus suggests some stubborn sticking to our methods, and its opposition to Saturn points to feeling blocked. Rules and limitations are harder to take today, but no boundaries can feel too chaotic, and our challenge is to find a balance. Adjusting our plans may be in order.

Moon in Leo Square Uranus in Taurus

12:56am PDT/ 1:56am MDT/ 2:56am CDT/ 3:56am EDT

Moon in Leo Opposes Saturn in Aquairus

12:38pm PDT/ 1:38pm MDT/ 2:38pm CDT/ 3:28pm EDT

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