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Happy Tuesday ~ July 5, 2022

Mars enters earth sign Taurus, inspiring patience and determination! Mercury enters water sign Cancer, encouraging us to be active listeners…to others, and to our own intuitions. Mercury connects with Mars, bringing a productive, communicative atmosphere. Conversations can move along at a fast pace! The moon in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces at 9:46 AM, finding us confronting our fantasies and idealizations. The moon connects with power planet Pluto in Capricorn, helping us connect with our inner power. The moon enters Libra, inspiring connection, and the mood is especially talkative as the moon squares off with Mercury in Cancer. (By Annabel Gat)

Early today, Mars enters Taurus, and twenty minutes later, Mercury heads into Cancer. These planets quickly form a sextile, boosting our enthusiasm for our ideas and methods. We can be especially alert and observant, as well as incredibly resourceful. Energies are fresh, and our minds are busy.

Mars will transit Taurus until August 20th, and we can go to great lengths to protect what’s ours and build our feelings of security and comfort during this cycle. We’re determined, stubborn, and persistent. Mars in Taurus can be a relatively passive influence but full-on when resisting or defending something! In stark contrast to the impulsive Mars-in-Aries cycle, we pursue our goals by plodding along patiently. We’re looking for long-term satisfaction, although we can be particularly focused on creature comforts.

Mercury is in Cancer until July 19th. During this cycle, we think, speak, and take in information on a deep, intuitive level. Our emotions color our thoughts more than usual, we communicate with more sensitivity, meaning, and care, and our memory is retentive during this cycle. It’s a time to absorb information about the emotional background, atmosphere, and setting. We’re picking up on moods and tones in addition to facts.

However, today’s Venus-Mars semi-square spotlights differences in our approaches, desires, and needs, resulting in strained relationship dynamics. It’s best to watch for stirring the pot, temperamentality, or impulsive moves. (By Cafe Astrology)

Mars in Taurus

12:03am MDT/ 1:03am CDT/ 2:03am EDT

Mercury in Cancer

12:24am MDT/ 1:24am CDT/ 2:24am EDT

Mercury Sextile Mars

12:37am MDT/ 1:37am CDT/ 2:37am EDT

Moon Opposes Neptune

6:36am PDT/ 7:36am MDT/ 8:36am CDT/ 9:36am EDT

Moon Trine Pluto

3:25pm PDT/ 4:25pm MDT/ 5:26pm CDT/ 6:26pm EDT

Moon in Libra

3:26pm PDT/ 4:26pm MDT/ 5:26pm CDT/ 6:26pm EDT

Moon Square Mercury

6:20pm PDT/ 7:20pm MDT/ 8:20pm CDT/ 9:20pm EDT

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