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Happy Tuesday ~ March 15, 2022

The moon in warm fire sign Leo opposes Saturn in cool air sign Aquarius at 6:56 AM, which may find us confronting difficult emotions, having to say no, setting boundaries, or simply reflecting on our responsibilities. (By Annabel Gat)

The Moon spends the day in Leo, and we seek feedback and interaction. We’re generally confident and prepared to take on whatever comes our way. Our feelings are strong, and we’re ready and willing to share ourselves with others.

Even so, the Moon-Saturn opposition this morning suggests some feelings of being blocked. After this opposition, the Moon is void for the remainder of the day, and we should probably avoid beginning all-new projects if we want them to survive and thrive. A Venus-Saturn parallel suggests a stronger sense of reality and responsibility in our relationships later today and tomorrow.

Moon opposes Saturn

3:56m PDT/ 4:56am MDT//5:56amCDT /6:56am EDT

Moon in Virgo

9:59pm PDT/ 10:59pm MDT/ 11:59pm CDT (Tuesday night) 12:59am EDT (Wednesday morning)

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