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Happy Tuesday ~ May 23, 2023

The Moon spends the day in Cancer, aligning with Venus this morning, and we seek comfortable and familiar settings and activities. The Cancer Moon encourages us to center ourselves and let go of overthinking. It’s sensitive, cautious, shrewd, protective, and receptive.

But while we appreciate what’s familiar today, we’re not opposed to new ways of doing things. A Mars-Uranus quintile can help us find channels to express our need for change and progress creatively and uniquely. It’s easier than usual to solve problems or to find our way around them.

Moon Conjunction Venus

5:41am PDT/ 6:41am MDT/ 7:41am CDT/ 8:41am EDT

Moon Sextile Uranus

11:08am PDT/ 12:08pm MDT/ 1:08pm CDT/ 2:08pm EDT

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