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Happy Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Mars in Scorpio squares off with Jupiter in Aquarius—big moves are made! Just watch out for impatience and short tempers. The moon in Aquarius squares off with Uranus in Taurus, which could bring surprises. We’re feeling confident as the moon connects with the sun in Sagittarius. The moon mingles with Mercury in Sagittarius, encouraging communication. (by Annabel Gat)

The Mars-Jupiter square perfects early today, inflating our desires and expectations, after which it’s easier to moderate our behavior.

The Moon spends the day in Aquarius, harmonizing with the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius. We’re able to express and embrace our independence while including others. We’re more intellectual today, and we strive toward greater honesty and a broader viewpoint. Our idealism runs high today, and we’re bringing more imagination to our mental pursuits. With our hearts and heads cooperating, we can make wonderful connections.

A Sun-Uranus biquintile is on the radar, exact early tomorrow, and we embrace our uniqueness, reinforced further by the Aquarius Moon. (by Cafe Astrology)

Mars Square Jupiter

12:21am CDT/ 1:21am EDT

Moon Square Uranus

12:01am MDT/ 1:01am CDT/ 2:01am EDT

Sun Sextle Moon

7:57am PDT/ 8:57am MDT/ 9:57am CDT/ 10:57am EDT

Moon Sextile Mercury

6:07pm PDT/ 7:07pm MDT/ 8:07pm CDT/ 9:07pm EDT

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